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Botou City Yihai Machine & Equipments Co.,Ltd


Botou City Yihai Machine & Equipments Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2007, and covers 11500 square meters. It is located 2 km south of Botou city, and its east is Bohai Sea, and the northern is Beijing and Tianjin, and the former State Road 104, and backed by the Beijing-Shanghai railway. Fixed assets is more than 21 Million RMB. Its customers are based on foreign investors, state-owned enterprises and medium-sized private companies. And it cooperates with many companies in the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany,Israel and other foreign countries. The company makes a rapid rise in the machining area under the conduct of business……

Yihai Machine & Equipments In the near future, the company will lead

In order to play the enthusiasm of the staff better...[More]

Strengthen the 6S management, improve the[2014-04-26]
The company intends to set up filial piet[2014-04-26]
In the near future, the company will lead[2014-05-14]
The company will hold tours at the Beiji[2014-04-26]
The company customized new overalls[2014-04-26]

   0317-8227397(international trade Dp.)
   0317-8227397(international trade Dp.)
Contacts: Manager Zhang
Add: Wangwu development Area, Botou City, Hebei Provice, China

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